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Association Officers - 2014

Officers of the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides, Inc. are elected annually at the November business meeting to assume office 1 January the following year. In addition to the line officers, three members are also elected to assume the posts of Executive Council for a two year term. The Executive Council is responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the organization and meets regularly during off-business meeting months.

President Joe Mieczkowski
Vice-President Steve Slaughter
Secretary Fred Hawthorne
Treasurer Phil Lechak
Parliamentarian Dave Hamacher
EC 2013-2014 Guillermo Bosch
EC 2013-2014 Ted Gajewski
EC 2013-2014 Deb Novotny
EC 2014-2015 Kurt Anschuetz
EC 2014-2015 Stuart Dempsey
EC 2014-2015 Denny Forwood
2012 to 2014 Paul Bauserman
2013 to 2015 Bob Gale
2014 to 2016 Doug Boden

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