Evening Walk – July 11 – Fire Zouaves at Gettysburg


$30.00 (Tax Exempt)

During the Battle of Gettysburg, there were a number of “Fire Zouave” Regiments who served at Gettysburg. Zouave Regiments followed rich, cultural traditions that were established years earlier in Europe and Africa, and then carried forward and/or adapted to practices by men and women who would serve within the American Civil War and at Gettysburg. The major cities of the North and their fire services including New York, Boston, and Philadelphia had a profound impact on these Regiments of Zouave soldiers. A number of these Regiments were further distinguished as “Fire Zouaves” providing a second distinct identity. This presentation will explore the cultural origins and traditions of Zouaves; their respective fire service histories, and their actions and outcomes during the Battle of Gettysburg. We will meet at the Irish Brigade Monument, travel to the Peach Orchard, Emmitsburg Road, and then the Angle.



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