Evening Walk – July 4 – Peach Orchard


$30.00 (Tax Exempt)

The Peach Orchard at Gettysburg is remembered for some of the heaviest infantry and artillery fighting of the American Civil War. We will cover this critical terrain with an easy walk to the “six” corners – the four corners of the orchard plus quick jaunts south to the Rose Farm Lane and north to the Sherfy Farm. We will absorb the drama and emotion of this intense part of the battle, and discuss the larger strategic issues that make the Peach Orchard the pivotal point of the entire battle. Please park along Sickles Avenue at NPS Tour Stop 10 and walk up to the Peach Orchard. Try to leave Birney Avenue open so the parked cars do not interfere with our tour. Do not park on Wheatfield Road. It is unsafe and illegal.


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