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Many of our Licensed Battlefield Guides are published authors. A number of publications also came from former LBG's and Guide Supervisors. The following list, though by no means comprehensive, highlights many of these publications. They are available for purchase in many of the Civil War bookstores in the Gettysburg area.


Adelman Garry E.Antietam: Then and Now (2005)
Adelman, Garry E. Little Round Top: A Detailed Tour Guide (2000)
Adelman, Garry E. The Myth of Little Round Top (2003)
Adelman, Garry E. and Smith, Timothy H.Devil's Den: A History and Guide (1997)
Archer, John M.Culp's Hill at Gettysburg: "The Mountain Trembled" (2011)
Archer, John M.Fury on the Bliss Farm at Gettysburg (2012)
Archer, John M.After the Rain (Historical Fiction) (2011)
Archer, John M.East Cemetery Hill at Gettysburg: "The Hour Was One of Horror" (1997)
Christ, ElwoodThe Struggle For The Bliss Farm At Gettysburg: July 2nd and 3rd, 1863 - "Over a Wide, Hot... Crimson Plain" (1993)
Coco, Gregory AA Strange and Blighted Land - Gettysburg: The Aftermath of a Battle (1995)
Coco, Gregory AA Vast Sea of Misery: A History and Guide to the Union and Confederate Field Hospitals at Gettysburg, July 1-November 20, 1863 (1996)
Coco, Gregory A.A Concise Guide to the Artillery of Gettysburg  (2007)
Coco, Gregory A.Confederates Killed in Action at Gettysburg (2001)
Coco, Gregory A.Killed in Action: Eyewitness Accounts of the Last Moments of 100 Union Soldiers Who Died at Gettysburg (1996)
Coco, Gregory A. On the Bloodstained Field: 130 Human Interest Stories of the Campaigns and Battle of Gettysburg (1989)
Coco, Gregory A.On the Bloodstained Field II: 132 More Human Interest Stories of the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg (1989)
Coco, Gregory A. Wasted Valor: The Confederate Dead at Gettysburg (1996)
Coco, Gregory A. Gettysburg's Confederate Dead (2003)
Coco, Gregory A. Civil War Infantrymen: In Camp, On the March, and in Battle (1996)
Coco, Gregory A.War Stories: A Collection of 150 Little Known Human Interest Stories of the Campaign and Battle of Gettysburg (1989)
Coco, Gregory A. From Ball's Bluff to Gettysburg... and Beyond: The CIvil War Letters of Private Roland E. Bowen, 15th Massachusetts (1994)
Coco, Gregory A. and Musselman, Curtis J.My Gettysburg Battle Experiences by George Hilyer (2005)
Cole, James and Frampton, RoyLincoln and the Human Interest  Stories of The Gettysburg National Cemetery
Cole, Philip M.Civil War Artillery at Gettysburg: Organization, Equipment, Ammunition, and Tactics (2002)
Cole, Philip M.Command and Communication Frictions in the Gettysburg Campaign (2006)
Cole, Philip M.You'll Be Scared. Sure - you'll be scared: Fear, Stress and Coping in the Civil War. (2010)
Conklin, E. F. Women at Gettysburg 1863 (1993)
Cox, John D.Culp's Hill: The Attack and Defense of the Union Flank, July 2, 1863 (2003)
Frassanito, William A.Early Photography at Gettysburg (1975)
Frassanito, William A. Gettysburg: A Journey in Time (1975)
Frassanito, William A. Gettysburg, Then and Now: Touring the Battlefield With Old Photos, 1863-1869. (1996)
Frassanito, William A.The Gettysburg Then and Now Companion (1997)
Hawthorne, FrederickGettysburg; Stories of Men and Monuments (1988)
Hawthorne, FrederickA Peculiar Institution: The Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guides (1990)
Hessler, JamesSickles at Gettysburg: The Controversial Civil War General Who Committed Murder, Abandoned Little Round Top and Declared Himself the Hero of Gettysburg. (2009)
Kanazawich, MichaelRemarkable Stories of the Lincoln Assassination (2008)
Krepps, JohnA Strong and Sudden Onslaught, The Cavalry Action at Hanover, Pennsylvania (2008)
Motts, Wayne E.Gettysburg Field Guide Battlefield Auto Tour & Guidebook (2000)
Motts, Wayne E.Trust in God and Fear Nothing: Lewis A. Armistead (1994)
Newton, GeorgeSilent Sentinels: A Reference Guide to the Artillery at Gettysburg (2005)
Mieczkowski, JoeJefferson Davis and His Cabinet (2011)
Mieczkowski, JoeLincoln and His Cabinet (2011)
Miller, James B.The Bloody Tomahawk: The Second Battle of Wyoming (2011)
Miller, James B.A Page in Time: A Narrative of the Wyoming Valley 1778 (2010)
Miller, James B.The Cry of the Tomahawk: The Battle of Wyoming, July 3, 1778 (2010)
Miller, James B.Curse of the Tomahawk: Colonel Hartley's 1778 Expedition Against the Six Nations (2009)
Miller, James B.Badges of Honor: Cannonballs in the Walls at Gettysburg (2010)
Miller, James B.Revolutionary Gettysburg (2011)
Miller, James B.Prodigies of Valor: The One Hundred and Forty First Pennesylvania at Gettysburg (2009)
Miller, James B.Shadow of the Tomahawk (2009)
Phipps, Michael"The Devil's to Pay:" General John Buford, USA
Phipps, Michael"Come on you Wolverines" Custer at Gettysburg
Richards, David L.Priceless Treasures: A History of the Muncy Soldiers Memorial and the Patriots it Commemorates (2001)
Smith, Timothy H.The Story of Lee's Headquarters: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (1996)
Smith, Timothy H.John Burns: The Hero of Gettysburg (2000)
Smith, Timothy H.Farms at Gettysburg: The Fields of Battle - Selected Images from the Adams County Historical Society (2007)
Storrick, W. C. The Battle of Gettysburg: The Country, The Contestants, The Results
Strong, Michael J.Keystone Confederate: The Life and Times of General Johnson Kelly Duncan, CSA
Vossler, Tom (and Carol Reardon)The Gettysburg Campaign
Vossler, Tom (and Carol Reardon)A Field Guide to Gettysburg - Experiencing the Battlefield through its History, Places, and People.
Walters, Sara GouldInscription at Gettysburg: In Memoriam to Captain David Acheson, Company C, 140th Pennsylvania Volunteers (1991)


Archer, John M.Blue & Gray Magazine (Spring Issue, 2006)"The Bullets Came Thick and Close....." The 137th New York Infantry on Culp's Hill
Archer, John M.Gettysburg Magazine #9 (July 1993)Remembering the Fourteenth Connecticut Volunteers
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #20 (January, 1999)They Died as if on Dress Parade: The Annihilation of Iverson's Brigade at Gettysburg and the Battle of Oak Ridge
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #22 (January, 2000)The Plan for Pickett's Charge
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #25 (July, 2001)When An Officer Orders A Disregard a Disregard of His Superiors: The Jackson-AP Hill Feud and its Effect on the Gettysburg Campaign.
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #26 (January, 2002)Up the Emmitsburg Road: Gen. Robert E. Lee's Plan for the Attack on July 2 on the Union Left Flank
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #29 (July, 2003)Around the Flank: Longstreet's July 2 Attack at Gettysburg
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #30 (January, 2004)Forcing the Issue: Brig. Gen. Henry Hunt at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #32 (January, 2005)The Knight and the Pawn: The Story of Two Confederate Soldiers
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #34 (January, 2006)I Still Desired to Save My Men...Lt. Gen. James Longstreet on July 3, 1863
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #36 (January, 2007)The Heroes of Chancellorsville: Archer's Brigade at Gettysburg
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #36 (January, 2007)Of Hooves and Shoes: Two Controversies at Gettysburg
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #38 (January, 2008)The Union  Artillery at Gettysburg on July 3
Cooksey, PaulThe Gettysburg Magazine #40 (January, 2008)An Historical Urban Legend: O'Neal's Brigade at Gettysburg on July 1
Coughenour, KavinCrossfire: The Magazine of the American Civil War Round Table (UK) No. 64Meade at Gettysburg
Coughenour, KavinCrossfire: The Magazine of the American Civil War Round Table (UK) No. 71Andrew Humphries and Divisional Command at Gettysburg
Coughenour, KavinThe Dispatch: General Meade Society Year 7, Issue 3Meade Breaks Into Lee's Decision Cycle
Dempsey, StuartBlue & Gray Magazine, (Vol. XXVII, Issue #4, Dec. 2010)The Florida Brigade at Gettysburg and The Other Florida Brigade
Dempsey, StuartBlue & Gray Magazine, (Vol. XXIV, Issue #2 (Summer 2007)"A Dreadful Buzzing of Bullets" DeTrobriand's Brigade Defends the Union Left
Dempsey, StuartBlue & Gray Magazine, (Vol. XXV, Issue #3 (Fall 2008)"The Heaviest Skirmishing I Have Ever Witnessed" The Fight for Smith's Ridge"
Krepps, JohnBlue & Gray Magazine, (Vol. XXI, Issue 1 (Holiday 2003)"Before and After Hanover: Tracing Stuart's Cavalry Movements of June 30, 1863."
Newton, GeorgeBlue & Gray Magazine,  (Vol. XXVII, Issue #4, Dec. 2010)Brockenbrough's Virginia Brigade at Gettysburg
Nicastro,  Anthony M.North South Trader (Vol. V No. 5 July-August 1978The Impact of Embalming On The Civil War
Nicastro, Anthony M.Papers of the 10th Gettysburg National Military Park SeminarWhy Gettysburg? An Analysis of the Command Decisions and Intelligence Failures That Led To Gettysburg
Richards, DavidBue & Gray MagazineLt. Col. Musser, 143rd Pennsylvania
Richards, DavidBlue & Gray MagazineThe Rose Farm


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