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Evening Walk - August 29 - Trains, Trolleys and Parks


We will conclude the 2017 WALKS not by studying a particular fighting unit nor by examining the battle action on a sp...


Evening Walk - August 22 - McGilvery's Gun Line


On both July 2nd and 3rd, Lieutenant Colonel Freeman McGilvery’s line of artillery on Cemetery Ridge played a cruci...


Evening Walk - August 15 - 26th NC Infantry


On the afternoon of 1 July 1863, the 26th North Carolina Infantry of General J.J. Pettigrew’s Brigade engaged the U...


Evening Walk - August 8 - Rodes' Division


Robert Rodes and his Division of Ewell's Corps arrived at Gettysburg with a reputation for solid fighting during the ...


Evening Walk - August 1 - 140 Places Walk


This walk will deal with the myth and the reality of the legendary list known as the 140 Places that Every Guide should know....


Evening Walk - July 25 - Ridge With No Name


A ridge line that was not marked on 1863 maps dominated the planning and execution of the Confederate offense and Uni...


Evening Walk - July 18 - Harmon Farm Fight


This tour will examine the actions of the Confederate attacks over the property known as the Harmon Farm at the time ...


Evening Walk - July 11 - Fire Zouaves at Gettysburg


During the Battle of Gettysburg, there were a number of “Fire Zouave” Regiments who served at Gettysburg. Zouave ...


Evening Walk - July 4 - Peach Orchard


The Peach Orchard at Gettysburg is remembered for some of the heaviest infantry and artillery fighting of the America...


Evening Walk - June 27 - Slaughter Pen Fight


This tour will cover the July 2nd action in and around the Slaughter Pen. We will focus on the experiences of the 40t...


Evening Walk - June 20 - Union Counterattacks


Longstreet has unleashed his violent attacks against the Union left on July 2nd. Troops from the Union 2nd Corps are ...


Evening Walk - June 13 - Big Round Top


This tour will cover the tactical importance of Big Round Top, for both the Union and Confederate Armies on July 2nd,...


Evening Walk - June 6 - Johnson vs Green


Many believe that the Confederate forces came close to winning the battle of Gettysburg on Culp’s hill on the eveni...


11/11/2017 - Session 14: Development of GNMP


What we know today as the Gettysburg National Military Park did not simply spring into existence.  It is the product of a ce...