2017 Fall Seminar: First Day Issues


The Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides, Inc. proudly announces its annual autumn seminar. The weekend includes specia...


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Select this option if you currently hold a valid Department of the Interior license to offer guided tours on the Gettysburg B...


Evening Walk - August 29 - Trains, Trolleys and Parks


We will conclude the 2017 WALKS not by studying a particular fighting unit nor by examining the battle action on a sp...


Evening Walk - August 22 - McGilvery's Gun Line


On both July 2nd and 3rd, Lieutenant Colonel Freeman McGilvery’s line of artillery on Cemetery Ridge played a cruci...


Evening Walk - August 15 - 26th NC Infantry


On the afternoon of 1 July 1863, the 26th North Carolina Infantry of General J.J. Pettigrew’s Brigade engaged the U...


Evening Walk - August 8 - Rodes' Division


Robert Rodes and his Division of Ewell's Corps arrived at Gettysburg with a reputation for solid fighting during the ...


Evening Walk - August 1 - 140 Places Walk


This walk will deal with the myth and the reality of the legendary list known as the 140 Places that Every Guide should know....


Evening Walk - July 25 - Ridge With No Name


A ridge line that was not marked on 1863 maps dominated the planning and execution of the Confederate offense and Uni...


Evening Walk - July 18 - Harmon Farm Fight


This tour will examine the actions of the Confederate attacks over the property known as the Harmon Farm at the time ...


Evening Walk - July 11 - Fire Zouaves at Gettysburg


During the Battle of Gettysburg, there were a number of “Fire Zouave” Regiments who served at Gettysburg. Zouave ...


Evening Walk - July 4 - Peach Orchard


The Peach Orchard at Gettysburg is remembered for some of the heaviest infantry and artillery fighting of the America...


11/11/2017 - Session 14: Development of GNMP


What we know today as the Gettysburg National Military Park did not simply spring into existence.  It is the product of a ce...


11/4/2017 - Session 13: End of the Civil War and Reconstruction of the Union


Grant's campaign at Petersburg to cut the vital supply lines supporting  Richond and to starve out Lee's veterans coupled wi...


10/7/2017 - Session 9: Human Interest Stories of the Battle of Gettysburg


A battle is fought by human beings. The area where a battle is fought often contains innocent human beings unfortunate enough...


8/26/2017 - Session 4: The Evolution of Tactics, Weapons and Organizations (FIELD PROGRAM)


"Jomini," "Hardee's Tactics," "Napoleon's Maxims;" all of these and many more were topics of discussion around campfires and ...