2018 Fall Seminar: Playing by the Rules


The Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides, Inc. proudly announces its annual autumn seminar. The weekend includes specia...


Summer Evening Programs - Entire Program


Purchase all twelve summer evenings programs and you will pay for ten and received two programs for free.  This offe...


Evening Walk - June 5 - "Like Fire Along The Line" The 20th Maine - Myths, Legends, and a Bayonet


Perhaps no regiment, and no regimental commander, is more mythologized at the Battle of Gettysburg than the 20th Maine ...


Evening Walk - June 12 - The Men Who Fought On Culp's Hill: The Rest of the Story


This tour has been configured for the visitor who is interested in the human interest stories of the men who fought h...


Evening Walk - June 19 - "What Mean These Stones?" Monuments, Markers, Plaques Along Cemetery Ridg


Join LBG Rich Goedkoop for a walk along Cemetery Ridge from the George Weikert house to the Abraham Brian farm lookin...


Evening Walk - June 26 - Carr's Brigade on July 2nd: The Overlooked Determination of Their Stand on


We often stand at The Peach Orchard talking about Sickle’s Salient, the fight by Graham’s Brigade troops, and not...


Evening Walk - July 10 - East Cemetery Hill


This tour will cover the terrain of East Cemetery Hill, the man-made structures, the personalities, and the positioni...


Evening Walk - July 17 - Three Way Attack of Kershaw's Brigade


Confederate Brig. Gen. Joseph Kershaw at Gettysburg commanded the largest brigade in Longstreet’s First Corps. On J...


Evening Walk - July 24 - Courage & Good Conduct: Lockwood's Brigade at Gettysburg


The soldiers that Gen. Henry Lockwood led to Gettysburg were some of the least experienced in the Army of the Potomac...


Evening Walk - July 31 - Come on you Wolverines!! - A look at the action on East Cavalry Field


On July 3, 1863, two brigades of Union cavalry led by Gen. David M. Gregg were sent east of Gettysburg along the Hanover road...


Evening Walk - August 7 - Colonel John Brockenbrough's Brigade at Gettysburg


Colonel John Brockenbrough's Virginia Brigade is usually either singled out for its poor performance at Gettysburg or...


Evening Walk - August 14 - The US Regulars at Gettysburg: A Semi-Circle of Fire


The brigades of Sidney Burbank and Hannibal Day, part of the Union 5th Corps had the distinction of being the only in...


Evening Walk - August 21 - "Discovering the Enemy" Buford's Division at Gettysburg


There is much left to be said about General John Buford’s Division at Gettysburg even with the large amounts of published m...


Evening Walk - August 28 - Pettigrew's Brigade on July 1


Join Licensed Battlefield Guide Eric Lindblade as we follow in the footsteps of the North Carolina brigade under the ...


2018 Spring Seminar


This will register you for the 2018 ALBG Spring Seminar April 13-14, 2018.  It will cover all costs of the seminar.  This y...