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Select this option if you currently hold a valid Department of the Interior license to offer guided tours on the Gettysburg B...


11/11/2017 - Session 14: Development of GNMP


What we know today as the Gettysburg National Military Park did not simply spring into existence.  It is the product of a ce...


11/4/2017 - Session 13: End of the Civil War and Reconstruction of the Union


Grant's campaign at Petersburg to cut the vital supply lines supporting  Richond and to starve out Lee's veterans coupled wi...


10/7/2017 - Session 9: Human Interest Stories of the Battle of Gettysburg


A battle is fought by human beings. The area where a battle is fought often contains innocent human beings unfortunate enough...


10/14/2017 - Session 10: Retreat from Gettysburg Through the Overland Campaign


This session looks at the movements of both armies in the weeks immediately following the battle of Gettysburg and the withdr...


10/21/2017 - Session 11: Aftermath of the Battle and Soldiers Cemetery


While the war continues, Gettysburg is left to cope with the aftermath of the bloodiest battle ever to occur in North America...


10/28/2017 - Session 12: Town of Gettysburg Before, During & After


The Battle of Gettysburg takes its name from the county seat of Adams County and any study of the Civil War and the Gettysbur...


9/09/2017 - Session 5: Battle of Gettysburg - the "Meeting Engagement: July 1" (FIELD PROGRAM)


This session will be a comprehensive overview of the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg and its consequences. It will incl...


9/16/2017 - Session 6: Battle of Gettysburg - "Longstreet's Assault on the Union Left: July 2" (F


This session will be a comprehensive overview of the Confederate assault on the left flank of the Union army on the afternoon...


9/23/2017 - Session 7: Battle of Gettysburg - "Culp’s and Cemetery Hills: July 2 & 3" (FIELD PROGR


Often taking second place to events occurring on the southern part of the battlefield, the defense of Culp’s Hill and Cemet...


9/30/2017 - Session 8: Battle of Gettysburg - "Afternoon Fighting of July 3" (FIELD PROGRAM)


The fighting on the last day of the Battle of Gettysburg will be the focus of this combined classroom / field session. The gr...


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