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2012 will see the launch of a series of Licensed Battlefield Guide-led  "Walks Through History."  Each Tuesday evening guides will  lead an evening walk dedicated to a specific topic.  These are ideal for those who desire a more in-depth look at one aspect of the Battle of Gettysburg or simply are looking for something to do on a beautiful - and at times not-so-beautiful, summer evening.  Each session is offered for a fee of $30 payable to the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides.  For each six programs you purchase a seventh can be selected for free.  If you wish to participate in all fourteen summer programs the total cost would be  $360.  (12 paid plus 2 free sessions). 

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Gary Vezza'a "Kershaw's Brigade - ,...align to the right"

Joel Busenitz's "Biddle Brigade"

Dave Hamacher's "The Key to the Position: The First Cops on Culp's Hill"

Dean Harry's "All resolved to fight as they had never fought before- The JUly 1st fight for Oak Ridge."

Britt Isenberg's "Brooke's Brigade - Through the Wheatfield and Beyond"

Phil Muskett's "O'Neal's Brigade"

Paul Bailey's "Here are some boys....2nd Vermont Brigade"

Ralph Siegel's "Gunfight at the Peach Orchard"

John Archer's "The 147th New York"

June 30, 2015 Jim Miller's Program - "Ohio Valor at Gettysburg"

Bobby Housch's "East Cemetery Hill"

Dave Donahue's "Guns West of Gettysburg"