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Mr. David  Joswick is the Editor. 
June 26 2015 Photograph

100th Anniversary Photograph (click for ID's)

What is the A.L.B.G.?

A few days after the armies left the smoldering battlefield of Gettysburg in July, 1863, local residents began to guide curiosity seekers and grieving family members through the sites associated with the recent conflict. Over the last decades of the 19th century many individuals took up guiding as veterans and visitors from around the world arrived at what was fast developing as the premier battlefield park commemorating the American Civil War.

Shortly after the Federal Government instituted a testing process to regulate the quality of the existing battlefield guides in the summer of 1915, these newly licensed guides met to establish an organization providing a common voice in promoting guide services and improving the quality of the visitor's experience. The A.L.B.G. is now incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania as a 501 (C) (6) non-profit organization with the mission of improving the quality of the battlefield guide and promoting the benefits of a licensed guided tour of this and other battlefields of the American Civil War.

Today, more than one hundred Association guides conduct thousands of visitors around Gettysburg and other battlefields of the Civil War each year. 

There are many other internet based, self-proclaimed "battlefield guides" out there with more popping up every year. Even in Gettysburg, there is a bus company purporting to have onboard guides - in reality simply untrained drivers.  If your guide of the Gettysburg battlefield does not wear the official uniform or does not wear the official guide patch depicted on every page of this website then he/she is NOT a sanctioned battlefield guide. Bus / Van drivers at NO time are permitted to provide tours of the field.  Be wary of anyone not wearing the official uniform. 

Choose the oldest, most experienced and the ONLY guides tested, licensed by the federal government AND legally authorized to conduct tours of the Gettysburg National Military Park!!

Code of Federal Regulations Title 36, Chapter 1, Part 25, Section 25.2, Subsection (a): "No person shall be permitted to offer his services or to act as a guide unless licensed for that purpose by the superintendent..."

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 ALBG Spring Seminar
Fall Seminar:

The Battle Between The Barns



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The LBG Academy!

Starting August 8 and then every Saturday through the fall, the ALBG will be sponsoring a series of classes known collectively as the LBG Academy. Sessions will be held on the American Civil War Period, a detailed study of the Battle of Gettysburg and the development of the National Military Park over the last century and a half.  Led by expert LBG's each session can be scheduled as a standalone program.  Click the link for details.

Summer Walks

Our Centennial Year Summer walks program is now open for registration.

Guide Exam Welcome
  A committee of LBGs: Tony Nicastro, Fred Hawthorne,  Chris Rebmann, Fred Wieners, John Fitzpatrick, and Renae Maclachlan will be working with Supervisor Angie Atkinson on the LBG exam process.  At this time there is still no announced date for any upcoming exam.

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