ALBG Fall Seminar:

Gone But  Not Forgotten

Friday, November 8 and Saturday, November 9, 2019


PLEASE JOIN US for our Fall 2019 Seminar, “Gone But Not Forgotten”, a weekend-long visit to locations, landmarks, and areas that used to be on the Battlefield, but are no longer there. Many of these features still actually have remnants on the field. There will be five programs, one indoor on Friday, November 8, and four separate tours on Saturday, November 9.

Friday, November 8

Heritage Center, 297 Steinwehr Ave, Gettysburg, PA 17325

6:30 Welcome and Reception with snacks and beverages

7 PM: Presentation: World War 1 at Gettysburg by LBG Dave Weaver: Images of Gettysburg from the National Archives with Dave’s interpretation based on his thoughts about military training from his own military experience. The presentation will include modern day photos of the locations depicted. Some of the photos show military drill, inspections, and tank/infantry training and include with the pictures some of my thoughts about what the men are doing and why. In addition, I’ll give an overview of the military camp and the problem of the flu epidemic and local politics.

Saturday, November 9

8 AM: Gather at Hilton Garden Inn for coffee and a light breakfast in the General’s Ballroom at the HGI

8:30 AM: LBG’s Fran Feyock and Rick Schroeder. On this seldom visited field, heroes were defined, heroes were lost, and heroes were made. A visit to the Camp Letterman Field Hospital at Gettysburg Join LBGs Dr. Rick Schroeder, M.D., and Fran Feyock, CRNA they discuss the action following the departure of the armies at Gettysburg. The program will focus on the structure, mechanics, and stories related to surgical, anesthesia, and the medical care of the approximately 20,995 soldiers both north and south, plus the operation of an 1863 temporary field hospital. “It is unnecessary to do more than make an allusion to the difficulties that surrounded this department at the engagement at Gettysburg.” – Dr. Jonathan Letterman, MD – Medical Director Army of the Potomac 10, October, 1863

10:30 AM: LBG Britt Eisenberg “He sleeps by the side of a great rock…” Battlefield burial sites. Most studies of the battle of Gettysburg focus solely on the three days of bloody combat, but the worst part of any battle story begins when the guns go silent. Who takes care of burying the dead? This tour will examine the grim process of providing soldiers a final resting place, sometimes systematic and at other times a somewhat haphazard process. Standing graveside, we will tell the stories of several of Gettysburg’s fallen from their pre-war days until their earthly remains were first buried in the soil of Pennsylvania.

Noon: Lunch @ Hilton Garden Inn’s Garden Grille and bar

1:00 PM: LBG Eric Lindblade 1913 Reunion (and Camp Colt) In the summer of 1913, over 50,000 Civil War veterans returned to the fields of Gettysburg to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the battle. While the images of former adversaries shaking hands across the wall still stir the imagination today, was the so-called “Peace Jubilee” that simple? Join Licensed Battlefield Guide Eric Lindblade as he discusses the planning, personalities, and myths associated with the Great Reunion. This tour will bring us to many of the sites related to the reunion such as the Great Tent where President Woodrow Wilson addressed the veterans and the Iron Brigade’s tent. Also discussed will be the impact on the battlefield itself and the infrastructure improvements which would be put to use once again in 1917 and 1918 by the United States Army. This tour will involve mostly walking over reasonably flat terrain, with a few stops on more moderately difficult areas.

3:00 PM: LBG John Baniszewski World War II at Gettysburg Many people at Gettysburg made important contributions to America’s efforts to defeat Germany and Japan during WWII. In this program, you will visit the sites and learn about the people and facilities on the battlefield that were used to: •Teach psychological warfare techniques to the soldiers that were sent to France following the D-Day invasion •Develop the maps used to conquer the Japanese-held islands during the Pacific Theater offensives in 1944-45 • House German prisoners captured in the battles for North Africa and Europe •Provide fuel in fulfilling America’s role as the “Arsenal of Democracy” during the war • Train college students to fly the planes that protected the Atlantic Coast in 1942 4:30 Final wrap up to the day @ the General’s Ballroom at the HGI The cost of this seminar will be $125, and includes the five programs, Friday evening snacks, light breakfast, lunch, and transportation


You may purchase this seminar by clicking on the link below, or if you prefer, you may mail a check in the amount of $125, payable to ALBG, to ALBG P.O.Box 4152 Gettysburg, PA 17325-4152 The Hilton Garden Inn is offering a special rate of $119 to our guests for the night of November 8. The group code for our group is BFG – Licensed Battlefield Guides. The hotel’s phone number is 717-334-2040. We look forward to seeing you at our Seminar.




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