Current Roster

This table lists all current members of the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides, Inc. This reflects all memberships as of March 8, 2021.  At this point approximately 80% of all licensed guides are loyal members. Note: the National Park Service awards “Guide Emeritus” status to any LBG upon reaching the age of 68 years with seven years of consecutive guide service or to any guide regardless of age, who has achieved twenty-five years of consecutive guide service.  Those achieving this status are so noted. Current members of the Executive Council are noted with the red font color.  The “Year Licensed” reflects the year the guide passed his/her oral exam.  Since these were often given in the fall in some cases the actual first guided tour was not taken until spring the following year.


Guide Badge Number Year Licensed Other Information
Abbott, Robert 16 2014  
Army, Chris 171 2015  
Arnold-Friend, Louise 73 1983 Guide Emeritus
Baer, Tracy 244 2016  
Bagley, Chris 172 2016  
Bailey, Paul 241 2010  
Baker, Robert 199 2003 Guide Emeritus
Baniszewski, John 187 2002 Guide Emeritus
Bassett, Tim 253 2012  
Bauserman, Paul 9 1986 Guide Emeritus
Boden, Douglas 190 2002 Guide Emeritus
Bosch, Guillermo 149  1998 Guide Emeritus
Brenneman, Chris 239 2009  
Brister, Dale 89  1982 Guide Emeritus
Bryant, Kevin 143 2018  
Burkell, Chuck 75 2014  
Clark, Linda 47 1979 Guide Emeritus
Clark, Tom 177 2016  
Clawsey, Edwin 85 1990 Guide Emeritus
Clouse, James 48 1989 Guide Emeritus
Connery, James 193 2002 Guide Emeritus
Conroy, Dennis 227 2007 Guide Emeritus
Cooke, Jim 248 2011 ALBG Executive Council 2019-2021
Coughenour, Kavin 145 1995 Guide Emeritus
DeLacy, Anthony 210 2004 Guide Emeritus
Dempsey, Stuart 208 2004 Guide Emeritus
Donahue, David 237 2009  
Douds, Doug 46 2014  
Drummond, Jack 184 2001  
Eisenhart, David 17 1985 Guide Emeritus
Eyler, Truman 148 1998  
Farrell, Joe 242 2010  
Fennell, Charles 28 1986 Guide Emeritus
Feyock, Francis 104 2016  
Fitzpatrick, John 200 2003 Guide Emeritus, ALBG Executive Council 2021-2023
Forwood, Denny 130 1995 Guide Emeritus
Fouts, James 11 2018  
Fowler, Les 252 2012 ALBG Executive Council 2020-2022
Fox, Terry 126 1970 Guide Emeritus
Frampton, Roy 112 1968 Guide Emeritus
Frankenfield, Howie 135 1995 Guide Emeritus
Friend, David 18 1990 Guide Emeritus
Fulmer, Tim 205 2004 Guide Emeritus
Gale, Robert 64 1988 Guide Emeritus
Goedkoop, Richard 161 2000 Guide Emeritus
Gonsalves, Ellen 212 2005  
Griffith, Billy 12 2018  
Guy, Edward 3 1984 Guide Emeritus
Hahn, Jerry 36 1998 Guide Emeritus
Hamacher, David 173  2000  
Harding, Jeff 162 2000  
Hawthorne, Fred 56 1981 Guide EmeritusALBG Executive Council 2021-2023
Hessler, James 196 2003 ALBG Executive Council 2020-2022
Hileman, Jasan 256 2016 ALBG Executive Council 2019-2021
Hinchey, Raymond 142 1998 Guide Emeritus
Hohmann, Richard 189  2002 Guide Emeritus
Hostetter, Kim 102 1994 Guide Emeritus
Housch, Robert 202 2004  
Hueting, James 4 1987 Guide Emeritus
Isenberg, Britt 20 2014  
James, Clyde 123 1970 Guide Emeritus
Kilts, Stacy 234 2008  
Korczyk, Larry 254 2013  
Krepps, John 122 1995 Guide Emeritus
Kross, Gary 55 1987 Guide Emeritus
Lechak, Phil 219 2005  
Liddic, Howard 203 2016  
Lindblade, Eric 163 2016 ALBG Executive Council 2019-2021
Marhevka, Paul 185 2001 Guide Emeritus
Maturi, George 246 2011  
McGough, Michael 34 1976 Guide Emeritus
Mieczkowski, Joseph 226 2007  
Miller, Jim 243 2011  
Motts, Wayne 45 1988 Guide Emeritus
Mummert, Jeff 8 1985 Guide Emeritus
Muskett, Phil 240 2010  
Nicastro, Anthony 93 1993 Guide Emeritus
Novotny, Debra 14  1975 Guide Emeritus
Orr, Therese 236 2016 ALBG Executive Council 2021-2023
Pangburn, James 169 1999  
Pierce, Timothy 257 2016  
Prosperi,  Robert 35 1995 Guide Emeritus
Raftery, Patrick 216 2018  
Rebert, Clay 114 1970 Guide Emeritus
Rebesco, Charles 13 2018  
Rebmann, Chris 146 1998  
Rice, Bruce 233 2008  
Richards, Dave 23 1986 Guide Emeritus
Rigney, Richard 231  2008  
Roberts, Daryl 204 2018  
Roche, Gary 88 1995 Guide Emeritus
Roubal, James 69 1988 Guide Emeritus
Rupert, Michael 27 2018  
Schroeder, Richard 166 2016  
Siegel, Ralph 207 2004 ALBG Executive Council 2021-2023
Slaughter, Stephen 229 2008  
Smarsh, John 62  1975 Guide Emeritus
Steenstra, Robert 71  1991 Guide Emeritus
Strong, Michael 138 1995 Guide Emeritus
Strumello, Susan 30 2013  
Suplee, Ed 206 2004 Guide Emeritus
Sutton, John 137 1995 Guide Emeritus
Thomas, Bill 154 2018  
Trelease, Bill 191 2014  
Trott, Lewis 258 2016  
Turk-Meena, Mary 95 2016 ALBG Executive Council 2020-2022
Vezza, Gary 180 2001 Guide Emeritus, ALBG Executive Council 2020-2022
Vilgos, John 224 2006  
Vossler, Tom 147 1998 Guide Emeritus
Wallace, Howard 259 2016  
Wallace, Larry 15 1985 Guide Emeritus
Ward, Andrew 211 2004 Guide Emeritus
Weaver, David 37 1986 Guide Emeritus
Wheedleton, Jessie 38 2018 ALBG Executive Council 2019-2021
Wieners, Fred 249 2011  
Winfrey, Tom 215 2005 Guide Emeritus
Winkelman, John 201 2004 Guide Emeritus
Wolf, Jeffrey 136 1995 Guide Emeritus
Wolfe, Christine 153 1999 Guide Emeritus
Zervas, John 230 2007  


The below listed members retired from active guiding and surrendered their badge. They were elected by their peers in the Association to lifetime “Retired-ALBG Emeritus Member” status in honor of their years of service both to the profession of guiding and to the ALBG.


Augustine, Jack 179 Served from 2001 to 2011 Retired – ALBG Emeritus Member
Etchberger, Robert 167 Served from 2000 to 2019 Retired – ALBG Emeritus Member
Krohn, John 181 Served from 2001 to 2019 Retired – ALBG Emeritus Member
Newton, George 216 Served from 2006 to 2018 Retired – ALBG Emeritus Member
Powell, Walter 12 Served from 1975 to 1986 Retired – ALBG Emeritus Member
Showvaker, Kathy 43 Served from 1979 to 1994 Retired – ALBG Emeritus Member
Stenhouse, Tom 116 Served from 1995 to 2018 Retired – ALBG Emeritus Member


Undated: March 10, 2021


In consideration of the services of The Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides®, their officers,  agents, and members, and/or all other persons or entities associated with those businesses (hereinafter collectively  referred to as “ALBG”) I agree as follows: 

Although ALBG has taken reasonable steps to provide me with appropriate equipment and experienced,  skilled guides so I can enjoy an activity for which I may not be skilled, ALBG has informed me this activity is not  without risk. Certain risks are inherent in each activity and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique  character of the activity. These inherent risks are some of the same elements that contribute to the unique  character of this activity and can be the cause of loss or damage to my equipment, or accidental injury, illness, or  in extreme cases, permanent injury, trauma and/ or death. ALBG does not want to frighten me or reduce my  enthusiasm for this activity, but believes it is important for me to know in advance what to be aware of and to  expect and to be informed of the inherent risks as reasonably as possible. Most programs will be conducted on  the grounds of the Gettysburg National Military Park (“GNMP”). The following describes some, but not all, of  those risks.

  • Tripping, slipping and/or falling on uneven, slippery and/or brush and/or leaf-covered terrain
  • Exposure to severe weather, including but not limited to: Excessive cold, heat and/or humidity, sun,  heavy rain, thunderstorms, lightening and/or high winds 
  • Exposure to stinging insects, poison ivy and/or poison oak 
  • Traffic on GNMP and public roadways adjacent and through GNMP, which may be heavy at times and  may include, but is not limited to: automobiles, buses, motorcycles, scooters, horses, horse-drawn  vehicles, Segways and bicycles 

I am aware that outdoors programs entail risks of injury, trauma and/or death to any participant. I  understand the description of these inherent risks is as complete as is reasonably possible, and that other unknown  or unanticipated inherent risks may result in injury, trauma and/or death. I agree to assume and accept full  responsibility for the inherent risks identified herein and those inherent risks not specifically identified but may  also occur. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary; no one is forcing me to participate and I elect to  participate in spite of and with full knowledge of the inherent risks. 

I acknowledge that engaging in this activity may require a degree of skill and knowledge different than  other activities and that I have responsibilities as a participant. I acknowledge that the staff of ALBG [and the  Staff of the Gettysburg National Military Park who are publicly available to all Visitors for information at no  charge] has been available to more fully explain to me the nature and physical demands of this activity and the  inherent risks, hazards, and dangers associated with this activity. 

I certify that I am fully capable of participating in this activity. Therefore, I assume and accept full  responsibility for myself, including all minor children in my care, custody, and control, for bodily injury, death or  loss of personal property [including but not limited to automobiles, other vehicles, pets, etc.] and expenses as a  result of those inherent risks and dangers identified herein and those inherent risks and dangers not specifically  identified, and as a result of my negligence in participating in this activity. 

I have carefully read, clearly understood and accepted the terms and conditions stated herein and  acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding upon myself, my heirs, assigns, personal  representative and estate and for all members of my family, including minor children.

Close and choose agree to continue with registration.