The Association Newsletter:  The Battlefield Dispatch

The Association has been continuously publishing its newsletter, The Battlefield Dispatch, for nearly fifty years. It was originated by President Walter Powell who served as its first editor in collaboration with Debra Novotny.   Since that time Kathy Showvaker, Fred Hawthorne, Howard Koser, Ed Guy, Andie Custer, Chris Rebmann, Renae Maclaughlin and Ellen Pratt have all served as editors.  In 2011 the Dispatch reverted to a quarterly publication and is constantly evolving in both format and features.  Mr. Dave Joswick currently serves as Dispatch editor.

All categories of members of the ALBG receive the Dispatch as part of their annual membership.  Most opt to receive their full-color issue electronically. Some receive black and white copies by mail  All issues of the Dispatch since Volume 1, Number 1 in 1980 are archived within the member’s area of the Association site for the benefit of all dues-paying members.  It is believed no newsletters ever were issued in the first forty-five years of the ALBG’s history. To date, none have been located.

A sample of a recent issue of the Dispatch can be accessed by clicking on the link below the image:




To contact the Battlefield Dispatch editor click here to reveal email address.