Code of Federal

36 CFR, Chapter 1,
Part 25


The authority
for licensing individuals to conducts
tours in the National Military Parks stems from the War Department’s
efforts in the pre-World War I period to both regulate the quality of
tours given, specifically at Gettysburg, and to regulate the fee
charged for those services. Accordingly, Congress granted the War
Department the authority to establish guide forces at any Military
Park. Their successor, the National Park Service, operates under these
1915 regulations, now codifed in the Code of Federal Regulations as 36
CFR, Chapter 1, Part 25.

Part 25 – National
Military Parks: Licensed Guide Service Regulations

Sec. 25.1

25.2 License
25.3 Supervision;

25.4 Schedule of Rates
25.5 Badges and Uniforms

Authority: Secs. 1-3, 39 Stat. 535, as amended,
sec 1, 47 Stat. 1420, secs 1, 2,
67 Stat. 495, 496; 16 U.S.C. 1, 1b, 1c, 2, 3, 9a E.O. 6166, June 10,
1933. Source: 24 FR 11060, dec. 30, 1959, unless otherwise noted.

25.1 Scope

The regulations in this part are made prescribed
and published for the
regulation and maintenance of licensed guide service at all national
military parks where such service has been established or hereafter may
be authorized in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior upon
the recommendation of the Director of the National Park service.


(a) No person shall be permitted to offer his
services or to act as a guide
unless licensed for that purpose by the superintendent. Any person
desiring to become a licensed guide shall make application to the
superintendent in writing for authority to take the examination for a
license as guide.

(b) Guides shall be of good character, in good
physical condition, honest,
intelligent, tactful, and of good repute. They must be thoroughly
familiar with the history of the events which the park commemorates and
with the location of all memorials. It is their duty to escort visitors
to the various parts of the park and point out different historical
features. The story of the guides shall be limited to the historical
outlines approved by the superintendent and shall be free from praise
or censure.

(c) Examinations will be held at parks where a
licensed guide service is
authorized, at times to be designated by the Director of the National
Park Service, for the purpose of securing a list of eligibles for such
service. The examination will consist of an investigation of the
character, reputation, intelligence, and ability of the applicants, and
of questions designed to test their knowledge of the history of the
battle, or features of historical interest, the markings of the park,
the rules and regulations promulgated for the government of the park,
and the regulations governing the guide service. Examination questions
will be prepared under the direction of the Director of the National
Park Service, who will likewise supervise the marking of examination
papers and the rating of applicants.

(d) The names of applicants who successfully pass
the examination will be
placed on a list of eligibles and selected in accordance with their
relative standing.

(e) Each person licensed to act as a full-time
guide will be issued a license in the following form:


_______________________, having successfully
passed the examination prescribed for license, is
hereby licensed to offer his service as a guide to
visitors. This license is issued subject to the condition that the
licensee shall comply with all the rules and regulations prescribed for
guide service
by the Secretary of the Interior and with the prescribed schedule of
rates, copies of all of which have been furnished to him.

This license will be renewed at the expiration of
one year from the date of
issue, provided the rules above-mentioned have been fully complied
with and services rendered satisfactorily.

Failure to act as a guide for any period exceeding
30 days between June 1 and
August 31 automatically suspends this license. Renewal under
these conditions will only be made following proper application to and
approval by the park superintendent. During other times of heavy
visitation, and especially on week ends and holidays, any and all
guides are subject to call for duty unless excused by the park
superintendent or his representative.

National Military Park.

(f) Each person licensed to act as a temporary or
part-time guide, during
periods of heavy visitation, will be issued a license in the following


_________________________, having successfully
passed the examination prescribed for license, is
hereby licensed to offer service as a guide to
visitors. This license is issued subject to the condition that the
licensee shall comply with all the rules and regulations prescribed for
guide service by the Secretary of the Interior, copies of which have
been furnished
to him. This license shall continue in effect for a period of _______
days beginning ________ unless revoked prior to the expiration of such
period for failure to comply with the condition set out herein.

National Military Park.

(g) Before being issued a license to act as a
guide, each applicant will be required to subscribe to the following



To Superintendent, ________________ National
Military Park. For and in
consideration of the issuance to me a license to act as guide, I hereby
accept and agree to observe fully the following conditions:

1. To abide by and observe the laws and all rules
and regulations
promulgated for the government of the park and for the regulation of
guide service.

2. In case of difference of opinion as to the
interpretation of any law,
rule, or regulation, to accept the decision of the superintendent.

3. To accord proper respect to the park rangers in
their enforcement of the rules and regulations.

4. To require drivers of all vehicles, while under
my conduct, to observe the park rules and regulations.

5. To be watchful to prevent damage to, or
destruction of, park property
or acts of vandalism affecting monuments, buildings, fences, or natural
features of the park, to report any such damage, destruction, or
vandalism which I may observe to the nearest available ranger without
delay, and to furnish him with all information in my possession tending
to identify the offenders and assist in their apprehension and

6. To demand of visitors not more than the
authorized fees for guide
service and, when employed, to render service to the best of my ability.

7. To advise visitors who employ me, in advance,
the length of time needed
for a trip and its cost and, if visitors desire a shortened tour, to
arrange for such service as may suit their convenience.

8. (a) Not to operate for hire any passenger
vehicle or other vehicle of
any kind, while pursuing the vocation of guide or wearing a guide’s
badge or uniform.

(b) Not to operate a visitor’s motor vehicle
unless I hold a valid motor
vehicle operator’s license issued by the State in which the national
military park is located.

(c) Not to charge an extra fee for operating a
visitor’s motor vehicle.

9. In the event my license should be suspended or
revoked by the
superintendent, to refrain from offering my services or pursuing the
vocation of guide, pending appeal to and decision of the Director of
the National Park Service.

10. To return the license and official badge
without delay to the
superintendent should my license be revoked or suspended for more than
5 days or upon abandoning the occupation of guide.

11. While wearing the badge of a guide or any
uniform or part of a uniform
indicating me to be a guide, I will not act as agent, solicitor,
representative, or runner for any business or enterprise whatever
(except in offering my services as a guide to visitors), nor solicit
nor accept from any person, firm, association, or corporation any fee,
commission, or gratuity for recommending their goods, wares, or

(Signed) (80 Stat. 383; 5 U.S.C. 553) (24 FR
11060, Dec. 30, 1959, as amended at 30 FR 8222, June26, 1965)

Supervision; suspensions.

(a) The guide service will operate under the
direction of the
superintendent or his designated representative. Records will be kept
of the efficiency of the guides and of all matters pertaining to the

(b) Superintendents are authorized to suspend any
guide for violation of
the regulations or for conduct prejudicial to the interests of the
Government. A full report of the facts attending each suspension will
be made to the Director of the National Park Service. The license of a
guide who has been suspended indefinitely will not be renewed without
the approval of the Director of the National Park Service.

Schedule of rates.

As the conditions of each park differ with respect
to the proper charge
for the service rendered to the public, the schedule of rates for
observance by the licensed guides at each separate park will be
submitted to the Director of the National Park Service for approval.
The superintendent will prepare itineraries arranged so as best to
observe the different features of the battlefield and submit them with
recommendations as to schedule of rates to the Director of the National
Park Service for approval.

Badges and uniforms.

Licensed guides will be furnished with official
badges as evidence of their
authority, which shall remain the property of the Government and be
returned to the superintendent upon relinquishment or revocation of the
license as a guide. Where conditions warrant it and its purchase would
not prove a hardship on the guides, they may be required to adopt a
standard uniform, to be procured at their own expense.


In consideration of the services of The Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides®, their officers,  agents, and members, and/or all other persons or entities associated with those businesses (hereinafter collectively  referred to as “ALBG”) I agree as follows: 

Although ALBG has taken reasonable steps to provide me with appropriate equipment and experienced,  skilled guides so I can enjoy an activity for which I may not be skilled, ALBG has informed me this activity is not  without risk. Certain risks are inherent in each activity and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique  character of the activity. These inherent risks are some of the same elements that contribute to the unique  character of this activity and can be the cause of loss or damage to my equipment, or accidental injury, illness, or  in extreme cases, permanent injury, trauma and/ or death. ALBG does not want to frighten me or reduce my  enthusiasm for this activity, but believes it is important for me to know in advance what to be aware of and to  expect and to be informed of the inherent risks as reasonably as possible. Most programs will be conducted on  the grounds of the Gettysburg National Military Park (“GNMP”). The following describes some, but not all, of  those risks.

  • Tripping, slipping and/or falling on uneven, slippery and/or brush and/or leaf-covered terrain
  • Exposure to severe weather, including but not limited to: Excessive cold, heat and/or humidity, sun,  heavy rain, thunderstorms, lightening and/or high winds 
  • Exposure to stinging insects, poison ivy and/or poison oak 
  • Traffic on GNMP and public roadways adjacent and through GNMP, which may be heavy at times and  may include, but is not limited to: automobiles, buses, motorcycles, scooters, horses, horse-drawn  vehicles, Segways and bicycles 

I am aware that outdoors programs entail risks of injury, trauma and/or death to any participant. I  understand the description of these inherent risks is as complete as is reasonably possible, and that other unknown  or unanticipated inherent risks may result in injury, trauma and/or death. I agree to assume and accept full  responsibility for the inherent risks identified herein and those inherent risks not specifically identified but may  also occur. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary; no one is forcing me to participate and I elect to  participate in spite of and with full knowledge of the inherent risks. 

I acknowledge that engaging in this activity may require a degree of skill and knowledge different than  other activities and that I have responsibilities as a participant. I acknowledge that the staff of ALBG [and the  Staff of the Gettysburg National Military Park who are publicly available to all Visitors for information at no  charge] has been available to more fully explain to me the nature and physical demands of this activity and the  inherent risks, hazards, and dangers associated with this activity. 

I certify that I am fully capable of participating in this activity. Therefore, I assume and accept full  responsibility for myself, including all minor children in my care, custody, and control, for bodily injury, death or  loss of personal property [including but not limited to automobiles, other vehicles, pets, etc.] and expenses as a  result of those inherent risks and dangers identified herein and those inherent risks and dangers not specifically  identified, and as a result of my negligence in participating in this activity. 

I have carefully read, clearly understood and accepted the terms and conditions stated herein and  acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding upon myself, my heirs, assigns, personal  representative and estate and for all members of my family, including minor children.

Close and choose agree to continue with registration.