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Becoming a Licensed Battlefield Guide

Since 1915 more than five hundred seventy individuals have successfully completed the government testing, training and licensing process earning a license to guide. The process has evolved through the years to today's step process: application, written exam, intensive weekend training seminar, oral examination, and finally licensing. The process of attaining a license to legally conduct paid tours of the Gettysburg National Military Park is by far the question most frequently asked of veteran battlefield guides.

NOTE: The National Park Service and a committee of Licensed Battlefield Guides, are currently in the process of revising the entire licensing process.  Accordingly, the information contained in the following pages may or may not be valid.  

LBG Charlie Fennell and a school group

The links accessed below will provide detailed information for individuals interested in learning about the guide-licensing process.

Code of Federal Regulations

The NPS Guide Supervisor

Licensing Process

Guide Reference Books

Sample Guide Exam

The next guide exam

Oral Examination and Training

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