The 100th Anniversary Photograph of the Licensed Battlefield Guides was taken by LBG and professional photographer Bill Dowling on June 26, 2015 on the steps of the Pennsylvania Memorial.  Coincidentally, 100 of the approximately 150 guides who are currently licensed, appeared in the photo.  These one hundred professionals represent nearly 20% of the 599 people who have successfully passed the licensing process since its inception in 1915.  Those present are named below.

The photograph is the property of the estate of the late Mr. Bill Dowling which holds copyright.  It may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the estate’s expressed written permission.

Row 1 – Kim Hamacher, Linda Clark, Sue Boardman, John Krohn, John Fuss, Sue Strumello, Joanne Lewis, Dave Eisenhart, Jim Clouse, John Winkleman, Bob Etchberger Jeff Kelly, Renae McLaughlin,  Steve Slaughter.

Row 2 – Christina Moon, Terry Fox, Clay Rebert, Mark Trout, Denny Forwood, Gary Vezza, Bob Baker, Andie Donahue, Jeff Wolf, Rob Wingert,  Garry Adelman,  Kim Hostetter, Bill Dowling

Row 3 – Jim Frick, Dave Hamacher, Chris Brenneman, Phil Muskett, John Krebbs, Jim Miller, Bob Gale, Deb Novotny, Jim Roubal, Roy Frampton, Tony Nicastro, John Fitzpatrick

Row 4 – Fred Hawthorne, Jim Pangburn, Les Fowler, Ed Suplee,  John Volbrecht, Larry Wallace, Don Walters, Joel Busenitz,  Dave Weaver,  Bob Wagner,  Paul Marhevka, Tony DeLacey, Doug Douds

Row 5 – Gar Phillips, Chris Rebmann, Jim Cooke, John Vilgos,  Britt Isenberg, Gary Roche, Dean Harry, Don Walters, John Baneszewski, Mike McGough, Tim Smith, Kavin Coughenour, Howie Frankenfield, John Archer,

Row 6 – Jack Drummond, Dennis Conroy, Andy Ward, Paul Bailey, Stuart Dempsey, Paul Bauserman, Tim Bassett,  Tom Vossler,  Jim Hessler, Charlie Fennell, Bob Steenstra, Jeff Mummert,  John Sutton, Jim Connery

Row 7-8 – Chuck Burkell, Richard Rigny, Joe Farrell, Jeff Harding, Andy Ward, John Zervas, Joe Mieczkowski, Phil Lechak, George Newton, Rich Goedkoop, Rob Abbott, Ed Guy, Tom Winfrey, Tom Stenhouse, Gary Kross, John Smarsh, George Maturi, Larry Korczyk, Ted Gajewski, Dave Donahue, Rick Hohmann, Doug Boden.


In consideration of the services of The Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides®, their officers,  agents, and members, and/or all other persons or entities associated with those businesses (hereinafter collectively  referred to as “ALBG”) I agree as follows: 

Although ALBG has taken reasonable steps to provide me with appropriate equipment and experienced,  skilled guides so I can enjoy an activity for which I may not be skilled, ALBG has informed me this activity is not  without risk. Certain risks are inherent in each activity and cannot be eliminated without destroying the unique  character of the activity. These inherent risks are some of the same elements that contribute to the unique  character of this activity and can be the cause of loss or damage to my equipment, or accidental injury, illness, or  in extreme cases, permanent injury, trauma and/ or death. ALBG does not want to frighten me or reduce my  enthusiasm for this activity, but believes it is important for me to know in advance what to be aware of and to  expect and to be informed of the inherent risks as reasonably as possible. Most programs will be conducted on  the grounds of the Gettysburg National Military Park (“GNMP”). The following describes some, but not all, of  those risks.

  • Tripping, slipping and/or falling on uneven, slippery and/or brush and/or leaf-covered terrain
  • Exposure to severe weather, including but not limited to: Excessive cold, heat and/or humidity, sun,  heavy rain, thunderstorms, lightening and/or high winds 
  • Exposure to stinging insects, poison ivy and/or poison oak 
  • Traffic on GNMP and public roadways adjacent and through GNMP, which may be heavy at times and  may include, but is not limited to: automobiles, buses, motorcycles, scooters, horses, horse-drawn  vehicles, Segways and bicycles 

I am aware that outdoors programs entail risks of injury, trauma and/or death to any participant. I  understand the description of these inherent risks is as complete as is reasonably possible, and that other unknown  or unanticipated inherent risks may result in injury, trauma and/or death. I agree to assume and accept full  responsibility for the inherent risks identified herein and those inherent risks not specifically identified but may  also occur. My participation in this activity is purely voluntary; no one is forcing me to participate and I elect to  participate in spite of and with full knowledge of the inherent risks. 

I acknowledge that engaging in this activity may require a degree of skill and knowledge different than  other activities and that I have responsibilities as a participant. I acknowledge that the staff of ALBG [and the  Staff of the Gettysburg National Military Park who are publicly available to all Visitors for information at no  charge] has been available to more fully explain to me the nature and physical demands of this activity and the  inherent risks, hazards, and dangers associated with this activity. 

I certify that I am fully capable of participating in this activity. Therefore, I assume and accept full  responsibility for myself, including all minor children in my care, custody, and control, for bodily injury, death or  loss of personal property [including but not limited to automobiles, other vehicles, pets, etc.] and expenses as a  result of those inherent risks and dangers identified herein and those inherent risks and dangers not specifically  identified, and as a result of my negligence in participating in this activity. 

I have carefully read, clearly understood and accepted the terms and conditions stated herein and  acknowledge that this agreement shall be effective and binding upon myself, my heirs, assigns, personal  representative and estate and for all members of my family, including minor children.

Close and choose agree to continue with registration.