Current Guided Tour Rates

The Licensed Battlefield Guides of Gettysburg are licensed and regulated by the National Park Service. They are the ONLY individuals legally allowed to conduct visitors around the Gettysburg National Military Park! Guide fees are established by the Superintendent of the Gettysburg National Military Park acting as the representative of the Department of the Interior / Director of the National Park Service.

Current Guides Rates for the basic battlefield tour with a duration of two hours:
$63 for 1 to 6 people.
$83 for 7 to 15 people.
$132 for 16 people and up.

This fee covers the total number of people specified above on a comprehensive two-hour tour. Additional hours may be added as part of the reservation at a prorated hourly fee ($31.50 for 1-6; $41.50 for 7-15; $66.00 per hour for 16 and up).

The two-hour tour is standard but many opt for longer three-hour, four-hour, and occasionally all-day tours.

The National Park Service has allowed its management partner, the Gettysburg Foundation, to handle Licensed Guide Services for the Visitor Center complex. In return the Foundation is permitted to add a ticketing surcharge. If you hire one of our guides at the visitor center for a car of five people the charge will be $75. That same car tour when arranged directly with ALBG at 717-337-1709 will cost $63. The $63 rate is the rate established by the NPS for a two-hour car tour.

Longer Tours:

May be arranged at a prorated fee ($31.50 for 1-6; $41.50 for 7-15; $66.00 per hour for 16 and up). Please arrange this with your guide before beginning your tour so he/she may adjust their availability time. Guides are often scheduled for tours immediately following yours so early arrangements for longer tour times will make that scheduling process much easier.

Customized Tours:

Virtually any battle-related topic and many other Civil War battlefields has one or more guides that can be called upon. Please contact the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides (ALBG) if you desire additional information or have special requests.

Please click here for more information on making RESERVATIONS.

Last updated:  January 2, 2022