Please note that we can ONLY accept reservations for individuals and commercial tour companies desiring personal guides for battlefield tours. Those desiring guided horse tours, motorcycle tours, bicycle tours, or guided segway tours must make those reservations through the websites of those companies. They do use only NPS-licensed guides but handle their own reservations. As a convenience you will find links to those below. ALBG bears no responsibility for the actions of these companies or consequences that may arise in your dealing with these organizations.  The links are provided as a convenient courtesy.  Just as you can hire an LBG to give you and your family a tour in your own vehicle, these companies hire our LBG’s to conduct tours using their own unique forms of transportation.

Gettysburg Tour Company In addition to tours on a double-decker bus (non-guided), the tour company hires LBG’s to narrate many of their tours on air-conditioned and comfortable coaches.
Horseback tours

Horseback trail rides and narrated two-hour tours, conducted by LBG’s, are run by National Riding Stables from Artillery Ridge Campground on Taneytown Road and by Confederate Trails and Hickory Hollow from McMillan Woods.  To make reservations, visit these websites:




Motorcycle Tours Several of our LBG’s are experienced motorcyclists and have long offered tours to individuals or groups coming to Gettysburg by this form of transportation.  They DO NOT provide motorcycles however.  Should you desire to secure their services visit this link.
Bicycle Tours GettysBike Tours offers regularly scheduled tours of the battlefield, again utilizing Licensed Battlefield Guides.
Segway Tours One of the newest ways to experience Gettysburg is via the Segway personal transportation device and yes, the Licensed Battlefield Guides have individuals who give these tours under the sponsorship of SegTours, LLC.
Gettysburg Foundation CURRENTLY CLOSED This is the non-profit organization that operates the National Park Service Visitor Center. In addition to selling tickets to the various attractions within the park they also schedule on-site guide services for both private car tours and bus tours..  Arrangements made via the Foundation will incur a $10 per tour surcharge which is placed on all such guide reservations.  Bus and Van reservations have a higher surcharge.

If you have taken a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield or another Civil War battlefield, perhaps you would be interested in checking out guided tours of other battlefields around the world.  Check out the offerings of one of the premier companies in the business: Battleground Tours