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August 18, 2020      " By our guns to the last: the 20th Indiana “                                

LBG  Chuck Rebesco

The 20th Indiana seems to be overshadowed by the activities of the other four Indiana infantry regiments at Gettysburg - the 19th (Iron Brigade), 7th (Culp’s Hill), 14th (East Cemetery Hill), and the 27th(Spangler’s Meadow).  The State of Indiana remembered the 20th, choosing its flag as the only regimental colors placed in the cornerstone of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Indianapolis.  In 2007 Crown Point IN, home town of Colonel John Wheeler killed at Gettysburg, honored the slain officer by naming the new middle school after him. Join in a modest walk along Houck’s Ridge to learn about the men of the 20th and their involvement at Gettysburg.