$30.00 (Tax Exempt)

August 20, 2019 Evening Walk      “1917/1918 First World War Training Camps”   LBG Eric Lindblade

As one looks west from Cemetery Ridge towards Seminary Ridge, and then south in the direction of the Peach Orchard, naturally their mind goes to images of desperate attacks and a tenacious defense vividly playing out. But this is just one of the many layers of history that can be found on this part of the battlefield, and while often associated with the dramatic events of July 1863, it was once again used for military purposes as the United States Army prepared to take part in the First World War. Join us as we discuss the people, places, and events that unfolded in 1917 and 1918 as American soldiers trained in a great battlefield for action in the bloody fields of the Western Front and the lasting effects it had on the Gettysburg National Military Park.   Meeting place: Grand Army of the Republic Memorial (Albert Woolsen)


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