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August 6, 2019 Evening Walk     “We are going to have a fight”    LBGs Jim Hessler and Britt Isenberg

Studies of the July 2 battle for the Union Army’s left flank are usually dominated by Little Round Top, but the day’s most influential action occurred along the Emmitsburg Road in Joseph Sherfy’s peach orchard. Lee and Longstreet’s massive assault against the left was intended to seize the Peach Orchard for use as an artillery position to support the ongoing attack. However, the scheming Gen. Dan Sickles misinterpreted (or disobeyed?) his orders and occupied the orchard first. What followed was some of Gettysburg’s bloodiest and most controversial fighting. Sickles’ advanced position forced Longstreet to fight fo revery scrap of ground. The confederate attack crushed the Peach Orchard salient and threatened Gen. George Meade’s entire position.  The command decisions made on the Sherfy property influences actions on every part of the battlefield, including Culp’s Hill and the July 3 Pickett’s Charge. Hear the stories of heroism, horror, and peaches!   Meeting place Excelsior Brigade Monument.


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