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July 21, 2020            "The Dogged Determination of Daniel’s Brigade on 01 July 1863“                           

LBG  Chris Army

The arrival of several brigades of troops from the Army of Northern Virginia on the afternoon of July 1st1863 had an influence on Robert E. Lee’s decision to push the Union Army of the Potomac. The large brigade of Junius Daniel’s North Carolinians, placed in the center of Lee’s line, made several attacks that afternoon in the attempts to dislodge the Union Army from Seminary Ridge. This walk will examine the actions of Daniel’s brigade, and place these actions in the larger context of the Day 1 final push by the ANV, as portions of Daniel’s brigade fought against Baxter’s men and Stone’s Bucktails. The tour will take place over relatively even ground and cover between 1-2 miles.