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June 9, 2020             "Doles Brigade“   

LBG  Steve Slaughter

On the afternoon of July 1st, Brig. Gen. George Pierce Doles’ brigade of four hard-fighting Georgia regiments, the 4th, 12th, 21st, and 44th, approached Gettysburg from the north with the rest of Gen. Robert Rodes’ Division of the Confederate Second Corps. Soon, Doles Brigade of approximately 1,300 men would be given the daunting task of protecting the left flank of Rodes Division and holding at bay any Federal units who might threaten and imperil the left of the division and buying time until the anticipated arrival of Jubal Early’s Division. Walk with us as we follow the path of Doles Brigade in the fields north of town, interpret the dramatic action in which Doles Brigade would decimate the hapless 157th NY Infantry in a matter of minutes, and discuss the brigade’s advance across the campus of Pennsylvania College as they would become one of the first Confederate units to enter the town of Gettysburg, eventually taking up position facing south along Middle Street.

Light to moderate physical exertion, walking short distances. Field boots footware is highly recommended.