Fall Sunday Afternoon Program – September 8, 2024

LBG Chris Bagley’s 8 September 2024 “The Horse at Gettysburg”

Many of the Monuments that grace the Gettysburg Battlefield honor the various units and soldiers both officer and enlisted.  Numerous monuments display the one unsung hero that is viewed with great admiration but not often spoken about…the Horse of course. These animals were trained and prepared for battle all with different functions.  Like the men who rode them, they were expendable implements of war.  Many men lamented the loss of their animals and one, a Union Officer admitted his inability to judge a horse as a quality mount. He also admitted it was in many cases pointless due to the high attrition rate. These animals have even caused one of the great myths that persist to this day.  Come on out and learn about these noble animals and their sacrifice at Gettysburg and the American Civil War.

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