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June 29, 2021              "These Men Are No Cowards: Krzyzanowski's Brigade July 1st“                                 

LBG  Bill Trelease

Wladimir Krzyzanowski’s Eleventh Corps brigade came to Gettysburg under a dark shadow because this was one of the brigades that received the first devastating blows from Stonewall Jackson’s famous flank attack at Chancellorsville on May 2, 1863. Despite suffering heavy casualties that day they would be accused of cowardice and become one of the main scapegoats for that Union defeat. These accusations would be amplified by the fact that many of the men in the brigade were German and Polish born immigrants which led many to refer to them, as well as the rest of the Eleventh Corps, as the “Flying Dutchmen.” When they arrived at Gettysburg on July 1, they came determined to prove to their many detractors that they were not cowards. They knew that they were good soldiers that had been placed in an impossible situation at Chancellorsville and they would show their mettle when they next met the enemy. Unfortunately, fate will deal these men another blow in the fields north of town that afternoon. They were ordered to move forward to provide some support to the Union troops on Barlow’s Knoll but would almost immediately find themselves assailed from three directions simultaneously. Once again, the brigade found themselves in another desperate situation. Despite the odds, the brigade stood their ground in a brutal stand-up fight, delivering volley after volley into an enemy that was barely 75 yards away. They would eventually be forced to retreat but not before they lost almost half their number. It was a desperate, bloody, stand but it certainly proved what these men already knew about themselves – they were certainly not cowards. We will look at the events that brought this brave, but hard luck, brigade to Gettysburg with such an undeserved reputation for cowardice and follow the desperate fight that they made in these fields, a fight that deserves to be remembered. This tour will involve some moderate walking.
Meeting Place: Barlow’s Knoll.


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