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Select this option if you currently hold a valid Department of the Interior license to offer guided tours on the Gettysburg B...


Evening Walk - July 23 - “The Fighting Bluebirds of Alexander Hays Division by Ziegler’s Grove”


July 23, 2019 Evening Walk   “The Fighting Bluebirds of Alexander Hays Division by Ziegler’s Grove”  LBG Je...


Evening Walk - August 27 - Soldiers National Cemetery


August 27, 2019 Evening Walk     “Soldiers National Cemetery”     LBG Fred Hawthorne Battles produce casu...


Evening Walk - August 20 - 1917/1918 First World War Training Camps


August 20, 2019 Evening Walk      “1917/1918 First World War Training Camps”   LBG Eric Lindblade As one looks we...


Evening Walk - August 13 - Walk The Wheatfield With A Real Surgeon


August 13, 2019 Evening Walk       “Walk the Wheatfield with a Real Surgeon”    LBG John R. Krohn, MD Th...


Evening Walk - August 6 - "We Are Going To Have A Fight"


August 6, 2019 Evening Walk     “We are going to have a fight”    LBGs Jim Hessler and Britt Isenberg Stu...


Evening Walk - July 30 - Johnston's Reconnaissance


July 30, 2019 Evening Walk   “Did you get there? An examination of Capt. Samuel R. Johnston’s reconnaissance on July 2...


Evening Walk - July 16 - "If These Trees Could Talk" Witness Trees


July 16, 2019  Evening Walk   “If These Tress Could Speak: Witness Trees, Silent Sentinels to the Battle of Getty...


Evening Walk - July 9 - "Confederate Monumentation at GNMP"


July 9, 2019 Evening Walk     “Confederate Monumentation at GNMP”     LBG Therese Orr While over 300 m...


Evening Walk - June 25 - "Earnest & Bloody Work" Defense of West Cemetery Hill


June 25, 2019 Evening Walk   “Earnest & Bloody Work”: The defense of West Cemetery Hill”   LBG Stuart De...


Evening Walk - June 18 - "We Have Come To Stay" Defense of McPherson Farm


June 18, 2019 Evening Walk      “We have come to stay!” The Defense of the McPherson Farm”   LBG Bill Th...


Evening Walk - June 11 - "What Mean These Stones? Culp's Hill"


June 11, 2019 Evening Walk        “What Mean These Stones? II: Culp’s Hill”     LBG Rich Goedkoop Th...


Evening Walk - June 4 - "11th New Jersey Volunteers"


June 4, 2019 Evening Walk   “The 11th New Jersey Volunteers – “I tell you we are going to have a fight”   ...


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The ALBG established this membership category to cover membership for all family members in a single household.


Associate Membership (Single)


In 1988 the Association opened up membership to anyone interested in joining by establishing an "Associates" category. Associ...