Sunday Afternoon Battlefield Programs

Series – 2023

During our COVID19 shut-down / slow-down in 2020 the ALBG commenced a series of battlefield programs on Sunday afternoons inspired by the success of the popular Tuesday evening walks. On these beautiful fall afternoons a Licensed Battlefield Guides will lead a program focusing on a specific battle-related topic.  These are ideal for those who desire a more in-depth look at one aspect of the Battle of Gettysburg, or for those simply looking for something to do on a beautiful fall afternoon.   Each session is offered for a fee of $35, payable to the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides.

Note:  Under the provisions of our Commercial Use Authorization permit with the Gettysburg National Military Park, we are required to have on file that you have read and agreed to the provisions detailed in the Acknowledgement of Risks form.  Should you wish to register for any of the programs detailed below you will have to agree you have read and understood this form before you will be taken to the payment site.

Please car-pool whenever possible and make sure to obey all National Park regulations regarding parking in the National Park. At all times make sure your car is parked in a legal parking placing and does not present a road hazard by partially blockng tour roads.  At no time should your vehicle be parked on the grass.

When:        Sunday Afternoons throughout the Fall of 2023

Dates:        Sundays from September 10th through October 22nd.

Time:          All programs will run from 2:00 PM until approximately 5:00 PM

Where:       Detailed below.  Parking is limited.  Abide by park rules and consider car-pooling

Cost:          $35 per session.

September 17, 2023 – Afternoon Program        

The long shadow of Jubal Early” featuring LBG Rob Abbott

Cranky, angry, misogynist, profane…Lee’s “bad old man.”  Major General Jubal Early.  Who is this guy?  Join LBG Rob Abbott as we follow Early’s Division as they pass through Gettysburg on 26 June and then return to fight on both the 1st and 2nd of July 1863. The discussion will center on how Jubal Early’s actions influence not only the opening of the battle, but the way the entire war is interpreted. We will begin at the 26 PA Emergency Militia and then move to Barlow’s Knoll to discuss 1 July.  Finally, we will park at East Cemetery Hill to discuss the Evening 2 July CSA Attack.

Meeting Place: Parking lot of the Dollar General (2 Springs Ave) across from the 26 Emergency Militia Statue. 


October 1, 2023 – Afternoon Program        

“A Bloody Stony Hill” featuring LBG Phil Muskett


A small wooded, rocky ridge just south of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania will be the focus of this walk. This ridge is located between a famous wheatfield and peach orchard. This fighting is often overlooked by events to the east and west. Four Union and three Confederate brigades will spar and spill blood on this little ridge on the afternoon of July 2, 1863. This ridge will be forever remembered as the Stony Hill by the veterans, and The Loop by visitors to the battlefield today. We will walk the ground and hear the stories of the men who fought here that afternoon.

Meeting PlaceWe will begin at the Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center, Parking Lot Three. (Please be at least 20 minutes early.) Upon entering Lot Three, turn left into the western or highest, group of parking spots. There we will form carpools to Sickles Avenue in The Wheatfield. Once we are done, we will return to Lot Three.


October 8, 2023 – Afternoon Program        

Game legged cusses and wagon rats: The Far Right of the Confederate Line on 3 July 1863.”  featuring LBG Rob Abbott

Everyone knows of JEB Stuart’s cavalry action on the far left of the CSA line on 3 July, but what about the of the mixed Confederate cavalry force protecting the General Lee’s right flank?  Join LBG Rob Abbott as we meet Col John Black, 1st SC Cavalry and his band of “game legged cusses and wagon rats” as they square off with Union BG Wesley Merritt on 3 July 1863.  The walk will set the stage for the creation of COL Black’s force, walk west to the US Cavalry markers near the Battlefield B&B, walk west on Merritt Avenue and then return. This is NOT a BG Farnsworth discussion.  The walk will be easy.

Meeting Place: Battlefield Bed & Breakfast Parking Lot (2264 Emmitsburg Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325)



October 15, 2023 – Afternoon Program        

Napoleon Power: The 1857 12-Pounder Gun-Howitzer at Gettysburg featuring LBG Ralph Siegel

The workhorse of Civil War artillery was the Napoleon cannon, which played a crucial role at many locations on this battlefield. Starting with Carter’s Battalion, guests will experience the combat positions of Stewart, Taylor, Bigelow, Kinzie and Rugg’s batteries. These guns were not only in the heart of the battle action, but they executed unique fire tactics. 


Meeting Place: Please meet at the Eternal Light Peace Memorial parking area where we will carpool for stops at Lee’s Headquarters, Longstreet Tower parking, Trostle Farm and Hunt Avenue. Carpooling is a MUST.  Each stop will have easy walks from the cars to the battery positions.  Whenever parking along NPS Avenues is required, park on one-way roads only and ensure all four wheels are on the pavement. 


October 22, 2023 – Afternoon Program        

“…and as my mind goes back to the fearful excitement, I marvel at it: the 6th Wisconsin Infantry featuring LBG Larry Korczyk

The battle walk will cover the battle action of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry o the morning of July 1 and their famous charge upon a railroad cut and a brigade of Mississippians and North Carolinians. It will involve approximately 400 yards of walking on relatively level ground on a park road and grass.  On the late morning of July 1, the 6th Wisconsin, in a reserve position for the Iron Brigade, which had been ordered to move into farmer John Herbst’s woodlot to battle a brigade of Tennesseans and Alabamians, will be ordered to the north side of the Chambersburg Pike to conduct a counterattack to retrieve the fortunes of the Union forces after General Lysander Cutlers brigade had been routed by the brigade of General Joe Davis. The 6th Wisconsin, along with the 95th NY and the 84 th NY, will eventually charge upon the Confederate soldiers, who had taken position within an unfinished railroad cut, and succeed in capturing over 230 Confederate soldiers.

Meeting Place: The participants will assemble, and the walk begin to the east side of Reynolds Avenue opposite the General John Reynolds death site memorial. Please park along the right side of Reynolds Avenue, ensuring all four wheels are on the pavement.