Evening “Walks Through History

Series – 2022

2022 will mark the eleventh year of  Licensed Battlefield Guide-led  “Walks Through History” on summer Tuesday evenings, Guides will  lead an evening walk each Tuesday evening dedicated to a specific topic.  These are ideal for those who desire a more in-depth look at one aspect of the Battle of Gettysburg, or for those simply looking for something to do on a beautiful, and at times not-so-beautiful, summer evening.  Each session is offered for a fee of $35, payable to the Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides.

Note:  Under the provisions of our Commercial Use Authorization permit with the Gettysburg National Military Park, we are required to have on file that you have read and agreed to the provisions detailed in the Acknowledgement of Risks form.  Should you wish to register for any of the programs detailed below you will have to agree you have read and understood this form before you will be taken to the payment site.

Please car-pool whenever possible and make sure to obey all National Park regulations regarding parking in the National Park. At all times make sure your car is parked in a legal parking place OR parked in such a way that it does not present a road hazard by partially blocking tour roads.  Be aware of traffic flow on two-way roads. At no time should your vehicle be parked on the grass or dirt berm.  All four wheels must be on the pavement.

When:        Tuesday Evenings throughout the late spring and summer.

Dates:        June 7, 28; July 5, 12, 19, 26; August 2, 9, 16.

Time:          All programs will run from 5:00 PM until approximately 8:00 PM

Where:       Detailed in descriptions.  Parking is limited.  Abide by park rules and consider car-pooling

Cost:          $35 per session.

June 7, 2022 Evening Walk  

“General Andrew Humphrey’s Division at Gettysburg” featuring LBG Mike Rupert

This walk explores the ground fought for and held by about 3,700 soldiers on the afternoon on July 2nd, essentially between the Peach Orchard and the Codori Farm on the Emmitsburg Road. General Humphreys, a career US Army officer, leads his division with intellect and fearlessness throughout the battle. “General Humphreys in the midst of this hail storm moved among the troops, and himself looked to the fire of the batteries, stepping between the guns and giving his directions, wholly intent upon the work & heedless of the murderous missiles that were felling the very gunners around him.” As the Confederate attacks moved up the Emmitsburg Road, Humphreys’ men would be nearly enveloped by three Confederate brigades and ordered to withdraw to Cemetery Ridge, all at about the same time. This would be a fighting withdraw as Humphreys describes, “the fire we went through was hotter in artillery and as destructive as at Fredericksburg. . . twenty times did I bring my men to a halt and face about to fire”. As the division remnants made it back to Cemetery Ridge, General Winfield Hancock would observe them, as it “seemed nothing left of the division but a mass of regimental colors still waving defiantly.” The total walk will be about 1 and ½ miles mostly using the paved park roads with some walking in the mowed areas on the safe side of the fencing on the Emmitsburg Road. 

Meeting Place:  United States Avenue at the 105th Pennsylvania Infantry monument.

June 14, 2022 Evening Walk  

Note: Commercial activities in the Soldiers National Cemetery are no longer permitted under the terms of the Code of Federal Regulations 36: Parts 2, 5, and 12.  Regretfully, this program has been cancelled.


June 21, 2022 Evening Walk    

Program not approved by NPS – cancelled.

“Game legged cusses and wagon rats” The far right of the Confederate line on 3 July” featuring LBG Rob Abbott 

Everyone knows of JEB Stuart’s cavalry action on the far left of the CSA line on 3 July, but what about the of the mixed Confederate cavalry force protecting the General Lee’s right flank?  Join LBG Rob Abbott as we meet Col John Black, 1st South Carolina Cavalry and his band of “game legged cusses and wagon rats” as they square off with Union BG Wesley Merritt on 3 July, 1863.  The walk will set the stage for the creation of Colonel Black’s force, walk south to the US Cavalry markers near the Battlefield B&B, walk Merritt Avenue and then follow the fight as it moves north to the Bishop Farm. This is NOT a BG Farnsworth discussion.  The walk will be easy, but long, either on the shoulder of Emmitsburg Road or on the edge of farmer’s fields. Wear good shoes and spray down for ticks. Reflective vests will be available as we walk against traffic


June 28, 2022 Evening Walk

“…we poured a most destructive fire upon their flanks…”: The Bucktail Brigade at Gettysburg  featuring LBG Therese Orr

The Bucktail Brigade (143rd PA, 149th PA, 150th PA) of the Third Division, I Corps, arrived on the battlefield west of Gettysburg late morning of July 1. From their position along the Chambersburg Pike and among the building of the McPherson farm, they will endure enfilading artillery fire from the West and North, and face brigades from both Hill’s and Ewell’s Corps. Join LBG Therese Orr to learn about the actions of these “Bogus Bucktails”, including the heroics of the Color Company of the 149th PA. We will walk through the field between East and West McPherson Ridge to the McPherson farm; conditions permitting, from Chambersburg Pike to the railroad bed; and along the Pike to the 143rd PA monument. Be prepared for uneven and wet terrain. The tour will meet at the Reynold’s death monument and end at the 143rd PA monument. Please park along Reynolds Avenue.
Meeting place: Reynold’s Death Marker


July 5, 2022 Evening Walk      

“Early’s Attack on July 1st: The Key Secondary Attack by the Confederates”  featuring LBG Rick Schroeder

This evening’s program will focus on the attacks of the brigades of Early’s division on the first day. We will examine the timely arrival of Early’s 2nd Corps brigades on the Union right. We will start in the Benner farm yard and after preliminary discussion will follow the brigade’s paths into Gettysburg down the Harrisburg Road and the program will end on Coster Avenue. 
Meeting Place: Benner Farm Yard – Park on East Howard Avenue between Barlow’s Knoll and the Harrisburg Road.


July 12, 2022 Evening Walk

“Joseph R. Davis’s Brigade, July 1, 1863”  featuring LBG Phil Muskett

Joseph R Davis, the Confederate President’s nephew, led this brigade into action for the first time on July 1, 1863.  The brigade is made up of four regiments, three from Mississippi and one from North Carolina, but only two had combat experience.    Fate would have one of these regiments absent on July 1st, doing other duties.  This brigade while in action on July 1st was hampered by inexperienced line officers, unknown terrain features, and experienced Union line officers and men.  These all played a part in snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for the Confederate troops.    Join us as we walk the ground these brave men moved, fought and died over. 
Meeting Place: Davis Brigade Marker

July 19, 2022 Evening Walk    

“The 1st Minnesota”  featuring LBG Chris Army

This program will focus on the actions of the famed 1st Minnesota Regiment on July 2nd, 1863. During the height of the battle, as Union General Winfield Scott Hancock was riding north up the line he saw a threat coming across the field in the form of an entire Confederate brigade. Looking to buy more time to get additional troops positioned for defense, Hancock came across the small regiment of the 1st Minnesota. His orders for them to go in resulted in heavy casualties for the Minnesotans, but the action bought Hancock the precious time he needed to get more troops to the friction point. We will walk approximately ¾ of a mile over mostly even ground, although parts of the field may not be so. Participants are encouraged to wear good boots, and bring water and bug spray along.Meeting Place : 1st Minnesota Memorial


July 26, 2022 Evening Walk    

“The New York Draft Riots and Gettysburg: The most violent battle and insurrection in American History”  featuring LBG Joe Mieczkowski

The shocking true story of the bloody battle for New York City the week after Gettysburg in July 1863.Insurrection, insurgence, arson and murder were triggered by the draft that started July 11. We will bring to life the drama of lynching and looting and resistance to Lincoln’s policies even as Lee prepared to cross the Potomac.  There are many, sometimes surprising, connections to Gettysburg. There were hero’s and cowards and names familiar to Gettysburg and Civil War addicts. Troops fresh from the Gettysburg campaign would put an end to the largest domestic uprising in the nations history other than the secession of states itself.  Bring a stool or seat.
Meeting Place: Maryland State Memorial (Park in National Cemetery Overflow Lot)


August 2, 2022 Evening Walk    

”The Attack and Repulse of Wright’s Brigade on the Second Day”  featuring LBG Bill Thomas

The program will begin at the Virginia Memorial.  After an overview of the Confederate Brigade of Brigadier General Ambrose Ransom Wright, the walk will traverse, by way of well established paths, the ground over which the Brigade attacked and later retreated as the sun set on the Second Day of the Battle of Gettysburg.  Along the way, various episodes of combat will be highlighted.  Participants will have the chance to ponder whether this attack was the “true high water mark” and what factors led to the brigade’s retreat.  The program will end on Cemetery Ridge just south of the Copse of Trees.
Meeting Place Virginia State Memorial


August 9, 2022 Evening Walk    

“Rorty’s Empire Battery”  featuring LBG Michael Rupert

Captain James McKay Rorty – one of the 140,000 plus Irishmen who would serve in the American Civil War. Like most Irishmen who served, he was motivated by a dual purpose. One to America, because the idea of liberty and its Constitution is worth fighting for. One to Ireland, to which they hoped to someday bring their fighting experience back to their native land. We will include and explore this topic at our first stop. Also at the first stop, which is the approximate place where Rorty’s battery fought on July 2nd we will cover the confusion as they supported Sickles withdraw from the Peach Orchard.  We will then follow Captain Rorty to the July 3rd position where Confederate artillery & infantry attacks pummel the battery and the Captain gives his life. “Rorty’s death is as severe a loss as Ireland has had for a long time. He surpassed everything in the Army of the Potomac on the 3rd instant. . . No words can express what he deserves.”  (Suggested to bring a hiking chair). The total walking will be about 1.25 miles on paved roads and mowed paths.

Meeting Place: Watson’s Battery Monument off United States Avenue


August 16, 2022 Evening Walk  

“The Defense of Sickles’ Salient”  featuring LBG Therese Orr
In defiance of his orders to defend the southern end of Cemetery Ridge on July 2, Third Corps Commander Major General Daniel Sickles advanced his Corps to the Emmitsburg Road, Rose’s Wheatfield, and Houck’s Ridge. The salient this created at Sherfy’s Peach Orchard was difficult to defend and required the intervention of Army Commander Major General George Meade to prevent the loss of Cemetery Ridge. Join LBG Therese Orr to explore Sickles’ actions and the fighting in this area. We will meet at the Excelsior Brigade monument. Attendees will park along Sickles Avenue. DO NOT park on Wheatfield Road. Areas we will visit include: 73rd New York monument; the Peach Orchard; the Wentz house site and the Sherfy house. We will return to our starting point  via US Avenue and Sickles Avenue.
Meeting Place: Excelsior Brigade Monument


August 23, 2022 Evening Walk  

“The Mythical “140 Places Every Guide Should Know”  featuring LBG Fred Hawthorne
This program has been disallowed by the National Park Service under the provisions of a Commercial Use Authorization.



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